Saturday, August 23, 2008

A.J. Stephans Old Style Black Cherry

The first thing I noticed about the bottle
was how startlingly life-like it appeared.

A.J. Stephans Old Style Black Cherry

This soda tastes more like grapes than cherry, those thick-skinned Concord grapes where you suck out the innards and then spit the seeds in a little dish. The drink tastes foamy, not carbonated, in a way that's hard to explain - like when you drink soda with a mouthful of Pixie Stick powder and everything foams up like crazy. A.J. Stephans is like that, but in a good way.

Not too sweet, but with real sugar to avoid the corn syrup nasties. This is pretty good stuff.

A curious Mi-Go gets ready to give
Stephans Old Style Black Cherry a taste.
I bet that jar full of brains is jealous!

You can tell from the color change of the tentacles that
this Mi-Go is about to don it's man mask and go buy some more.

But wait, the ingredients list includes "Pure carbonated New England spring water". Considering that almost every scary thing about which Lovecraft wrote lived in the water in New England, this gives me pause. And wait, their address includes "PO Box 666".

No doubt by drinking the bottle I've somehow made myself susceptible to possession by The Great Race of Yith, or at least drank Deep One spawn. Nuts.

One small complaint: The label is poorly affixed to the bottle. Glue is squished out around the sides of the paper, and has collected cat hair and made my fingers sticky. Or maybe it's a poorly made imitation from China, an AJ Stephan's Old Style Black Cherry knock-off.

Cthulhu was bout to try some, then remembered its sugar free diet.

Please note: There's no photographs in this update because Mi-G0 don't photograph well. It's not because I somehow lost the photographs I took, I swear it.

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