Thursday, June 4, 2009

A-Treat Big Blue

The bottle wears a hall monitor sash.

A-Treat Big Blue Soda

My pal Dino bought this for me. It's from Pennsylvania and is a fond or hated reminder of his childhoood. I can't remember which as it was many months ago that he donated it to The Cause. I finally cracked it open to entertain some house guests, one of whom said that he liked to drink anything that's blue. I opened this stuff up and tried to trick him into taking a berry Jones Soda home which he conveniently forgot. We each had a taste of the A-Treat Big Blue and...

I was shocked.

A-Treat Big Blue is heaven. It's a carbonated, not frozen version of the blue part of the bomb pop. Now I've had people tell me that the blue part of a bomb pop is raspberry, but I've always disagreed. It's far to lemonadey to be something as awful as raspberry. It's its own flavor, unique and wholesome, proudly bearing upon it's head a shining torque crafted from pure delight.

Seriously, folks. A-Treat is great.

I'm a little nervous about the ingredients list. It says it's sweetened with sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup. That speaks to me of something that might be uneven in its sweetness, perfection in one bottle and a horror in the next. Being that this is probably the only bottle that I'll ever have, I guess I can't really complain though I can grow incredibly sad. No more A-Treat breaks my heart.

It's absolutely true that I have not had A-Treat Big Blue at it's Big Blue Best. I think I was given this at Thanksgiving, which means it sat in my room unrefrigerated for six months before I sampled it. Who knows how long it sat in whatever Pennsylvania market Dino bought it in. There was blue sludge in the bottom of the bottle, a sure sign of it being past it's prime. Then I opened it, shared, capped and put it back in the fridge for two weeks before finishing it off to write the article. What I'm having now is pretty flat, and that sucks.

But... it's still really good. Really good. Certainly reason enough to move to Pennsylvania.



    They sell mixed packs! Not even that expensive! :)

  2. Yeah, but the shipping is what kills you - liquid weighs a ton. I bet it'd be fifteen dollars to ship twelve dollars worth of soda. Besides, I find the "mixing" of soft drinks to be both uncouth and immoral.

  3. Your so fundamentalist Tim.

    I should be painting like a real artist would. Instead I've been on the internet since rising from the dead.

    Maybe you can enjoy my wheels on the bus...

  4. If you could click on the musical accompaniment link in a new window, then you can hear and read.

  5. I think I need some musical noises on my blog. Of course, then everyone would be rocking so remarkably hard that the eyes trapped in their thrashing heads wouldn't be able to read print on screen.