Monday, December 31, 2012

This is Better...

...than anything I've ever done with this dumb blog.  Here.

This is a page from a notebook that the poster found somewhere.  Back when I was a kid we'd order mixed sodas and called them "suicides".  "Can I have an orange and Coke and 7-Up suicide, please."

A lot of these seem pretty safe, Sept 30th gave five stars to "pink lemonade, cranberry juice, sierra mist".  That sounds like something my wife would drink.  September 29th, though, gives two stars to Sierra Mist, orange juice and Dr. Pepper - this would seem to indicate that the tester wasn't an insane person.

Notice that the uncolored pieces are also unrated, the tester planned/drew out a number of tests in the future and was then coloring  the sodas in and assigning ratings later.  The drawings aren't of the actual unmixed sodas but are really just a graphical way to represent the proportions of what went into them - which is great.  I do not demand photorealism in my mixed soda visuals.

The most important thing to walk away with from this would be a wariness towards Fruit Punch and Mountain Dew mixed in a 60/40 ratio.  It's the last completed entry and might have very well been what killed the tester and caused the discontinuation of the experiment.

But, this is pretty and maybe I should recreate some of this on my own...

(Thank you Sherry W. for sharing the link to this great image)


  1. The full picture indicates that the tester may have been mixed up in something involving Sherlock and Vampires, and that is some heavy shit, dude.

    Maybe the tester was kidnapped by a vampire and forced to make mixed drinks involving Sierra Mist and Blood mixed in a 60/40 ratio... And the tester was hoping Sherlock Holmes would come to the rescue.

    I will go so far as to assert this is the only possible explanation for these pictures. And instead of contacting Mr. Holmes all you can do is blog about it . . . . It is a tragic state of affairs, sir. Simply tragic.

  2. You seem to know an awful lot about this kidnapping. Too much. I'm putting a warrant out for your arrest.

  3. Dang, her note mentioned an Art Major - that must be you. Which makes me a Dark Magician with powers to Float and Frozen Motion. I'll be hanging around in Graveyard II. There's snow on the ground. Come and get me.

    I would say that whoever wrote this notebook leads a more interesting life than I do, but then, I am writing spoof comments on a spoof blog, so it's really not saying much.

  4. She left a note? Let's just drop this whole thing then.