Saturday, November 15, 2008


So I've been a little busy lately, so I'll just fake a review:

Ooh, yuck! It's a funny color. Lookit that label. It has corn syrup in it, I don't like that. My wife is yelling at me. And here's a picture with a funny caption (imagine a picture here, with a sort of funny caption).


  1. Reed's Spiced Apple Brew-all natural sparkling spiced apple cider. 50% fruit juice. Lovely. May change your opinion of apple-pops. I agree with you about the Sangria stuff. I loved it from the first taste. I actually bought some because it sounded like it might be gross. If you have it more than once, though, you start to notice a tinge of vinegar flavor.
    Maybe I haven't read enough, but I haven't come across a review of Cel-Ray. That is, by the way, as vile as it wanna be.
    -Stacey E

  2. I have a review of Cel-Ray waiting to get written up all pretty. It is pretty gross, but I used to like it. I dunno if it changed or if I did.

    As for the Reed's Spiced Apple stuff... I'm pretty suspicious of Reed's now. They put my good health above good taste, and I hate them for it.