Friday, January 1, 2010

Stala Cherry

My cat doubles as a bottle opener during the day,
discount Fleshlight at night.

Stala Cherry

Stala Cherry ain't so hot. It belongs to the "sour cherry" school of drinks, which one tends to find in Greece and Eastern Europe. I'd had such high hopes for Stala Cherry, as the Orange version made me wet my pants in ecstasy.

Let's start... So cherry Stala is thick and syrupy. It has only the slightest trace of carbonation, which is just absolutely perfect. Or wait, is it carbonated at all? It has a bite to it, but I can't figure out what it is. Anymore or this mystery tang and it would be fighting with me, as it is it gives me a nip as it slides down.

The syrupy bit is fine too, I dig thick drinks. The main ingredient in this stuff is cherry juice. Pardon me, "pure cherry juice". Pure cherry juice, Spring water, Sugar, Aromatic Flavorings, Citric acid, Benzoic Sodium, Sorbic potassium.

But the flavor. Sour cherry. Yuck. A nauseating taste, calculated to make vomiting come easy.

The best thing about this drink is that it was a birthday present for my wife. I wrapped it up, gave it to her, she opened it and I drank and began reviewing it immediately. She hounds me about having too much soda around, so this was a funny gift. At least she thought so. I intended it to be romantic, and hoped she'd got all hotted up.



  1. Hey Tim
    Bundaberg Ginger Beer is on sale all over Australia ! I whipped down to the corner shop last night to pick up a small bottle for my cocktail of fresh mint leaves (muddled), crushed ice; a shot of vodka topped with ginger beer. It looked a little muddy but it tasted delicious !
    Next time you're in Oz, wander up to Budrim in Queensland - the home of ginger !
    Say, so you guys still drink Cherry Cola ? I managed to get some in from Amsterdam about 20 years ago, but probably wasn't the real deal...
    Gambei !

  2. a Fleshcat... awesome.