Monday, February 1, 2010

Zevia Natural Diet Cola

Why did I shoot this photo in front of my bicycle? What was I thinking? It's not necessarily that this is a bad, or embarrassing thing, but it's just boring.

Zevia Natural Cola

As a cola Zevia Natural cola ain't nothing that special, as a diet cola it completely rocks. Incredibly carbonated, it's best when it's very very cold, otherwise the burn of the carbonation has no soothing balm of chill to help smooth over the wincing. I'll confess that I opened the can last night at room temperature, it was undrinkable because of the carbonation and a nasty middle taste of cantaloupe rinds. Cold, though, and slightly less carbonatey due to being left open in the fridge, it's good.

The ingredients are what makes this stuff special:

TRIPLE filtered carbonated water
natural erythritol
natural caramel color
natural tartar acid
natural fumaric acid
45 mg of natural caffein from coffee
natural flavors (citrus oils, cola nut extract)
citric acid
and in big caps after the ingredients: ZEVIA DOES NOT CONTAIN ASPARTAME OR SUCRALOSE

I'm going to cheat on my blog vow of ignorance, and look up "erythitol"... Hmph. According to these folks erythitol is a sweetener derived from sugar through some yeasty process, and is described as "sugar alcohol." Hmm. Don't know what I think about the principal sweetener in a drink named after stevia to not be stevia.

Of course, the principal sweetener in Coca Cola isn't corn syrup but is actually the blood of the oppressed. Stevia seems to have taken a much more reasonable route.

And for those of you who don't know what stevia is, it's an herb/plant/thing that has remarkably sweet tasting leaves. I used to grow it in my studio and use it as a tea sweetener. If I remember rightly, the leaves sort of look like mint leaves but I might be wrong.

Anyways, Zevia Natural Cola isn't bad at all. It's certainly better than most off-brand colas, and it lacks the burned corn taste which plagues Coke. It's sort of like a lighter Pepsi, without any of that sweet slime left on your teeth. The more I drink it, the more it grows on me, and the more assurance I have when I say that this is the best "diet" drink I've ever had that didn't involve dark cherry flavoring.


  1. Hi Tim. I am with Zevia. We're happy to learn that our cola is the best diet drink you've had that didn't involve dark cherry flavor. We wanted you to know we also make Zevia Black Cherry, also zero calories (all Zevia products are zero calroies).
    Also, we wanted to clarify one point about our sweetener. We blend stevia with erythritol because the combination tastes like sugar without any aftertaste. As you may know, stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar but erythritol is not as sweet as sugar. We emphasize stevia as our sweetener because when you taste Zevia, the dominant sweetness - by hundres of times - is stevia. Thanks for your interest and the opportunity to post. - Michael

  2. Dear Tim,

    Please pay no attention to the previous post. That was an imposter posting on behalf of Pepsi Cola. I've been tracking him across the internet as he attempts again and again to slander the fine name of Zevia.

    Zevia is in fact not named after stevia) which is not part of our process) but rather after the my maternal grandmother, Elspeth Zevia of Loganville, GA.

    Derek A Newman
    Seattle, WA

  3. I think stevia is made from Steve, actually. I tried another Zevia drink, and it left a strong bitterish taste, presumably the taste of Steve. I think I had to drink a full-sugar soda just to wash him away.

  4. Hi Derek,

    The stilted English of the initial post never fooled me for a minute. Clearly it was some sort of Nigerian scam artist, trying to lure me into sending my vast fortunes to his internet cafe address.

    tim h

  5. Dear Tim H,

    It has come to our attention that your blog is using the word Zevia in a matter that is against the registered copyright that we hold. Please remove all instances from your site by 5pm on Monday, February 8th. If this deadline is not met, we will take legal action against you and your service provider.

    In addition, you will instruct your readership that the legal registered use of Zevia is not for a soft-drink, but rather to be used soley as the name of a small town in Vermont.

    Robert Eldercratz, Esq.
    Eldercratz & Farooq - Attorneys at Law

  6. Dear Mr. Eldercratz,

    You will need to reconsider representing Stevia, VT in this case due to a conflict of interest. Your firm is already representing me in a defamation case I am bringing against my wife, with the focus being on getting her to retract the words "impotent", "cuckold", and "mother/anus issues".


    tim h

  7. Dear Tim H,

    As a man himself suffering from "mother/anus issues", I must say I am offended by your last post.

    Sgt. Kevin Tomy USMC
    Baghdad, Iraq

  8. Sgt. Tomy,

    I'd tell you to go stick your complaint in your ass, but you'd probably begin feverishly masturbating. Much as I am right now.

    tim h

  9. Like a cantaloupe just picked from a warm garden, improvised vagina hole freshly cut.

  10. this is a drink that taste good but very full of gas for some but it does taste good acceptance