Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ak-100 the teaser for the sequel

Photo from The Vain Gourmet.

I'm a little unclear about a lot of things, especially Mrs. French's AK-100. This exceptionally foul beverage has the dubious honor of being the worst thing I have ever drank AND has the best review I have ever written.

Sneaking around the internet this morning, I'd hoped to find a place in Brooklyn to buy some more as I really don't feel I gave the stuff a fair shake the first time around. I mean, it could've been spoiled or just old or an angry person might have shat in the mixing machine. All of those things are more likely true than the possibility that someone actually intentionally concocted the thing I drank to actually taste that way.


Anyways, sniffing around I found this blog called "The Vain Gourmet". In it they found an apparently in-house restaurant version of AK-100 sold in a bottle with a sticker reading "AK-100". This completely changes my understanding of the world in that either:

A) AK-100 is a type of drink in general usage in the Caribbean. The wicked Mrs. French didn't originate the stuff, but instead just makes a (hopefully) exceptionally vile version of it. But how the hell does a whole category of drink denoted with a seemingly military code?


B) Some perverse Haitian restauranteur is making knock-offs of Mrs. French's products. Next to that AK-100 bottle might be a bottle full of thin grey liquid labeled "Coca Cola".

or possibly

C) The restaurant was rebottling Mrs. French's stuff, possibly after cutting it with bleach. But that seems silly.

Either way, this must be investigated.


  1. Tim,
    We both run soda blogs. We both live in New York. We are both straight edge. We both ride bikes. That's pretty cool, huh?
    This is my fledgling review blog:

  2. Uh, obviously this means we have to fight to see who is the real "us". I call the lirpa.

  3. A real man would've claimed the bat'leth. The Klingons will eat the Vulcans every day of the space-week.

  4. Practicality overcomes bad-assery, no Klingon I-bought-this-at-the-flea-market-knife-guy-slash-headshop-booth weapon ever cut Kirk. A lirpa did.

  5. i'm glad i saw that ad of yours on my own site, typed in the url in a different tab, and was greeted by a review of a really disgusting soft drink and some star trek chat.

    as an appreciation of this experience i present this to you:

  6. I'm not entirely sure what you are showing me. There was actually a Star Trek TV show? I only know the Star Trek world through slash fiction.

    I'll have to look this stuff up.

  7. Dang, I cold got told off.

  8. >Makes muscles, looks at it, kisses it<

  9. AK-100 is just a play on the actual name of the drink, it's called akasan. "A" and "ka" are the way the letters A and K are pronounced in Haitian Creole. "San" means 100, so akasan = AK-100.

    A friend of mine had posted a pic of this very drink on Instagram and I Googled instantly to see if it was available to order as we Haitians love us some akasan and I hadn't had any in a while. Both your reviews were the top two search results. While the review hilarious, I was disappointed that you didn't get to experience the goodness that is authentic akasan. I don't know where you're from but if you're anywhere near Miami, Boston, or NYC, look for a local Haitian restaurant and try it. It definitely doesn't taste as bad as that can of AK-100 did and you might actually like it, as most of us do. And the answer to your question is A, lol.


  11. I'm in NYC and hit up Caribbean markets every time I see them and have yet to lay eyes on a akusan/corn drink/ak-100 yet. Just today I was in a Guyanananan market, I say this just emphasize my constant search for things that will kill me once and for all.

    But yeah, I want to try this again now that I can think of it without my bile rising.