Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Enigmatic Slurpee-in-a-soda-cup Pricing

I used to always fill a Super Big Gulp cup with Slurpee whenever I went to a 7-11. Unfortunately, the local place started flipping out and charging random amounts of money for said uber-Slurp, sometimes $4+. It drove me nuts because it was so arbitrary, sometimes I wouldn't be charged extra, other times I'd be charged way too much. I finally quit getting the mega-Slurpees locally.

This is the first time I've seen anything in writing addressing the issue. Sadly it doesn't really clear anything up. It actually seems like you're getting a deal, that they are going to charge you for an Extra Large Slurpee even if you get a Double Gulp sized cup. You're getting more for the same amount.


  1. According to my reading of the sign, putting Slurpee in a Double Gulp cup will result in you being charged for an Extra Large AND a Large.

  2. Oh man, that makes sense. It's terribly unclear but makes sense.