Friday, February 24, 2012

Terrible potato chips

I am eating Zapp's Mesquite BBQ potato chips and they aren't very good. Not quite terrible, but completely not BBQ flavored. They have a weird hint of cheap bodega vanilla cake that makes no sense whatsoever.

That's all. Just wanted to share one if the constant, tiny disappointments of my life.


  1. Well, I've looked at your previous post, again, and I still don't get it. I see an upside down 7 11. I'm guessing it's a reference to something I don't know about. If it's a joke, it's a bummer to be asked to explain it, and if it's serious, it's probably still a bummer to have to explain it.

    1. Why are you commenting on this post about the previous one? I see I removed spam there, I didn't delete your comment I hope.

      Anyways, I now see the photo as upside down - I think someone posted about that but the post is gone. The awesome thing WAS the 7.11 on the screen, 7-eleven features prominently in the last few posts of this here blog.

  2. I commented about the previous post here, for no other reason than it was newer. I really should be writing this under the red velvet post. -Woops!- Nope, I hadn't written a comment under the 7-11 post.