Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blue Collar restaurant fucks it up

Blue Collar is a "roadside hamburger" type restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which I wrote about a while ago. Pretty good hamburgers, not as great as everyone says but good enough that I'll go out of my way to stop there.

The highlight of the visit was the soda machine, it was a 1960/70s looking machine all boxy and nostalgia inducing. And it gave delicious soda, the mix was perfect. I actually asked if they used a special sort of soft drink mix when I first went there it was so different and old-fashioned tasting.

But in this last visit the machine was changed, it was a new machine and all the drinks in it weren't just not-as-good but they were off flavor. Poorly mixed.

Not only a dining fail, but it makes the restaurant look cheap. So sad.


  1. You're a douchebag hipster stop knocking the best rest in my hod

  2. I have no idea how to respond to this. I think the best avenue would be to compliment you for spelling "douchebag" as it seems a little beyond what I expect your capabilities are.