Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dr Pepper Slurpee


  1. I really like that this Slurpee machine is On the Run. As if it committed some kind of crime against Slurpitude and is now one step ahead of Johnny Law. A car chase via really fancy, neon-lighting, James Bond super-car of Slurpee technology.

  2. I'm more worried about why the Mountain Dew colored light is used on both sodas. Shouldn't we have a Dr. Pepper colored "ready to serve" light on the Dr. Pepper?

    This is nothing but trouble.

  3. Look, when you are On the Run, you need the super-sweet taste of the Dew to keep you fueled and rarin' to go. You don't have time to have appointments with any doctor other than Dr. Feelgood.

    I just noticed that it is Mountain Dew Freeze. Does anyone sell normal Mountain Dew any more? Maybe Freezing the Dew was the crime against Slurpitude that sent this machine On the Run...