Friday, January 9, 2009

Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Ginger Beer

275ml of liquid fun, alcoholic fun.

Look out Tim!

You're about to lose your "X".

Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Ginger Beer

I made a serious mistake with this stuff, it's a half of a percent alcohol and I went ahead and drank some anyways. Half a percent?, I says to myself, why I'm sure I get more alcohol than that when I eat out-of-date food.

But no, this stuff reeked of booze. I took a sip and was overwhelmed by the alcohol-iness of it. I am not a drinkin' man, in fact, I avoid the devil's brew in all its forms. Whether or not this stuff was a half percent alcohol or not is unclear, maybe I'm overly sensitive or maybe their brewing process is uneven. Or maybe they lied so they could sell it in the US, or maybe it yeasted up in the bottle. Who knows. Either way, I drank it and now I'm sullied. Some little guys in hooded sweatshirts are going to come and take away my hooded sweatshirts and scratch up my Minor Threat records.

That'll suck. I'd say as much but my mouth is still numb from the booziness.

My single swig told me a lot. Fentiman's was really severe, not refreshing or pleasant at all. In my iPhone I noted down "Nitvregrwshim". Clearly I was already drunk. It was all burn and no fun, not a great trait for a ginger beer in my mouth. No sweet at all, I guess the accursed little beer yeast beasts had gobbled up all the wholesomeness and turned it into liquid sin.

I took this photo to show the price tag,
but I wound up showing you how natural
that hand position is, instead.

This is one of the first Apple products I've bought that I really hated.


  1. That's some irresponsible soda manufacturing. .5% alcohol could be very dangerous if ingested by infants or house flies. I hope you wrote them a strongly worded letter.

  2. That's the fine fine product of fermented ginger you got a dose of! You think that's bad, stay away from their shandy.

  3. I landed up here looking for a remedy for sour stomach, but the "hand position" photo is cracking me up! Funny guy!

  4. Spoony, think of the maggots, man. Think of the maggots.

    Phredd, if by "shandy" you mean "vagina", just try and keep me away.

    HeySharon, me and my hand position have something for your sour stomach. It's TUMS, I bought some at the store.

  5. what a cool blog! I didn't know you did this. I just saw the post on facebook. I Loooove ginger beer & try every brand I happen upon. I liked Fentiman's. My favorite is Stewart's ginger beer. I like the really strong & spicy ones

  6. Feh. I can't wait for the Fentiman's still to catch fire and blow up. Other than that, ginger beer in general is "the rox". Isn't that what you kids say nowadays?

  7. have you ever made homemade ginger beer?

    2 liter plastic bottle with screw-on lid
    lime or lemon or pineapple optional

    put in warm place for 12-24 hours

    it Rox!

  8. Ha ha, I'm a DIY geek and ran across your post. You just can't discount the possibility of sXe ninjas coming and repossessing all your stuff. Thanks for the laugh!