Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Natakhtari Tarragon Soda

I've done tarragon and I've done Natakhtari,
this can't be so bad.

Look at that sticker stuck by the opening of the bottle.
Why wouldn't I have picked that off?

And of course...

Natakhtari Tarragon Soda

That last tarragon soda set me up for quite the fall. It wasn't bad, Natakhtari tarragon isn't not the un-opposite. It IS bad. Strong and pushy, a soda that knows what it wants and what it wants ain't discussed at polite dinner tables. The pidgin English on the bottle seems to have been copied from this stuff. Oh, wait a minute. That's the same company, of course they have the same text on the bottle. Duh.

It's thick and flat, not terribly sweet but not anything else. Just sort of neutral sweet-wise, in order that the freaky taste can hold center stage with more authority. It tastes like discount black licorice, like the kind that comes formed into little black halloween decorations and it would never occur to you that it's actually edible. "What, these spider rings are candy? No shit."

It smells more like licorice than anything else, too. None of that pansified watery cream soda taste of the Chersi Terragon soda. This stuff kicks your door in during the middle of the night, flashes its NKVD badge, then takes all your stuff.

Bonus points for the Tarragon using the exact same label as the grape, but just changing the color of the liquid.

Bonus bonus points: I constantly misspell tarragon as "terragon". I think that's some sort of remedial science fiction fan mistake.


  1. My friend found some at a store in the San Fernando valley she says what a find.Now that i read this story of comments i am unsure i want to try it,sounds sketchy to me. Thank you for your warnings.

  2. I was first introduced to this soda in the Republic of Georgia and love it - so much so that I brought some home in my suitcase. Does anyone know if this is available in the Chicago area?

  3. Call the Russian markets in the area.

  4. I just found this stuff in a Russian Market in Boca Raton, FL and absolutely love it! Not sure where the bright green color comes from, which is concerning. But put a few lemon slices in it and what an unusual treat! I could definitely see making this info jellies.