Thursday, January 1, 2009

Undrank British Sodas

Each probably deserves a skull on crossbones on the label.

So an inquisitive Glaswegian was curious about what sort of British sodas I have "on tap", so to speak. Well, here you go.

I have three different "Club" sodas, including a "Rock Shandy", whatever the hell that is. If someone asked what I thought "Rock Shandy" was outside of the context of soda, I'd guess it was a fish. In the context of British soda, I'm still thinking it's fish.

Not looking forward to that one.

I have a red Tizer, which is a year out of date. Apparently they don't make that one anymore. It was sold to me under the counter by some shady folks. That bashful can in the back is a Ribena and on top is a Ben Shaw's Dandelion and Burdock. Finally, a Funky Orange Fanta and a bottle of Lucozade, an energy drink. I hate energy drinks, and I've hate every British soda I've ever tried, so I'm sure that last one will go well.

Some of these might be British and some Irish. All the same thing, right?

Edit: I just realized I also have some British made Fentiman's. Foul, foul stuff.


  1. I think shandy is some kind of beery drink, or cider. That was helpful, wasn't it? My favorite British drink name is Old Scrumpy, but it is an alcoholic cider. Haven't had it, though.

  2. Yea, you've got a bunch in there I've been wanting to try. Shandy, Tizer and the Dandelion and Burdock, especially.
    Old Scrumpy-that's hilarious.

  3. I've collected these from three different places in NYC: A British market in the upper West Village, just below 14th. An Irish market in Bay Ridge on 3rd Avenue, around 86th Street. And at The Chip Shop chain, which are throughout Brooklyn.

    The Tizer Red they supposedly don't make anymore, not for quite some time. I'm a touch nervous about drinking it.