Saturday, January 28, 2012

Double Cola

When I squint those two humps look either like
a butt or boobs, I can't decide.

The best thing about Double Cola is that it's "Bottled Under the Authority of Double Cola - USA". Seriously, I doubt that this stuff is put out by more than one bottler, and I bet that bottler is a guy stirring a big vat in his shed fearin' of the revenuers.

Double Cola is okay. Not great. It's unusual for me not to say about a cola that "'s still better than Coke or Pepsi". Well, this time I can't say that with all earnestness. It's good, it's not too syrupy, but it has a carbonated water taste that I don't really like.

It's made with "invert sugar", whatever that means. The sweetness is fine, I ain't got no trouble with that. It's just the weird aftertaste. I'll drink the whole bottle, though - fear not.

So yeah. A little boring, the review I mean. Sorry.


  1. A boring fact, to go with the boring review: the only time in my life I've ever had Double Cola, was in Tanzania in 1984. Apparently Tanzania was closed to Coca-Cola and Pepsi products during that time, but Double Cola made it in. So if you wanted a cola-flavored sugary drink, Double Cola was it.

    Tanzania was socialist at the time, so apparently the socialist answer to Coke is Double Cola.

    (I told you it would be boring)

  2. No way!

    I like how sodas move around the world. I remember seeing old bottles of "Kickapoo Joy Juice" in Missouri when I was a kid and now the stuff is only made in Malaysia. I saw a bottle of "Thums Up" in a movie from the 60s or 70s, up until then I thought it was Indian.

    I'm sure Wikipedia is full of answers but as part of my mission to this blog I eschew all factual sources and instead base everything on hearsay and personal experience.

  3. I was also nearly kidnapped in Tanzania but I choose to believe, perhaps naively, that Double Cola was not implicated in the attempted crime.

    Also: the adorable cat in that picture appears to be totally into Double Cola. I bet you could get some S.E.O. by turning this blog into "LOLcats reviewing Sodas"

    Just imagine what that cat would say to being offered some Double Cola. Imagine!

    And then embed that imagination in a shitty script, and put it on the blog like it was suddenly 2007 or something. The irony needle would turn into a helicopter propeller from spinning around so much--a helicopter lifting you off to ad revenues.


  4. If you were kidnapped Double Cola is what would have been put in your place.

    That cat is dead now. Thank you for bringing up a painful subject.