Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Blog

This is just another weblog which will dry up and float away, forgotten and ignored.

For example, see http://softdrinks.blogspot.com/. This lady set out to do the same dang thing I am, admittedly she's a bit more altruistic in her intent. Three blogs later she's gone. Hit by a truck? Fell down the basement steps? Accosted by a neo-otyugh? Probably not. She got distracted or bored, may have started sixteen other blogs in the intervening year.

I only noticed that blog because I tried "Soft Drinks" as the url for this blog. She'd already taken it. I can't say she was ignored, she has a few comments on the bits she wrote. More than I'll ever get, I'm sure.

So, I am writing this for the next guy, the guy who will try for the blogspot "Soft Drinks" and then "Soft Drink Reviews". It will be 2009, he'll look at my deserted blog and laugh to himself. But, young feller, know this: I am like you right now, full of hope and interest, digital camera at the ready. By the time you read this I'll be long gone, playing a new video game or working nights or in a diabetic coma.

And this will happen to you, you'll take "CrazysJapaneseSoftdrinkReviews", crank out a few pieces about the novelty soft drinks you bought in New York City and then move on. The great cycle continues.

So anyways, my in-laws bought me three cases of exotic sodas from the "Soda Pop Stop" in Los Angeles. I've never seen the place, but they sell exotic soft drinks over the internet and apparently keep a nice store as well. The three cases all arrived with the soda intact, the bottles and cans packed into styrofoam packaging that hung around my apartment for months because I couldn't bear to throw it out. Wasteful. The order was mostly right, excepting my having received two bottles of "China Cherry Cola" instead of one bottle of cherry and one regular cola.

I brought a bottle of China Cherry Cola to work with me and drank it with lunch. Giving a fellow employee a taste, we discussed its merits at length, not an easy thing to do without a proper vocabulary covering all the things that go into a soft drink. That's why I'm starting this blog, to try to talk about things for which I have no words. From now on, I'll be reviewing every bottle or can I drink, or trying at least.

- tim h


  1. It is truly moronic how far I scrolled down this blog, reading and looking at hand drawn Cthulhus drinking soft drinks until I realized that I actually know this guy. I had to watch a youtube video and think. hmmm. that kitchen looks familiar. hmmm. that voice sounds familiar. I can think of no greater venture for you Timothy than writing in a more public manner, for it is something you excel at. good luck.

  2. in the manner of bloggers, i must respond:

    :) ur2RAD!

  3. hi, blog hopped from retro kitchen, just wanted to tip you off to a soda. Diet but non chemical, it's called Zevia - it's sweetened w/stevia, which is a plant based sweetener. and if you go to their website you can purchase a mixed 6pk of cans of their flavors, 2 cola, 2 ginger root beer, 1 orange and 1 lemon lime. I really like it, since I quit drinking aspartame, sucralose, saccharin and high fructose corn syrup soft drinks. I order a 6 pack every now and then to treat myself to a soda. hope you are able to try it out....

  4. Hi there. I used to use a stevia sweetener for a long time as a plain old sugar substitute, I think I remember liking it but just fell out of the habit.

    I've seen the Zevia stuff online, I think on Amazon. If its actually good, that will help me get to it faster...