Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bubble Up

I bet "bble UP" is delicious.

Bubble Up, made by Real Soda

Bubble Up has been tasting like the bastard child of 7-Up and Sprite since 1921. I have no idea what to add to that first sentence. It's another lemon-lime blandinage that tastes like neither lemon nor lime and certainly not like the two mixed - but then again, NO "lemon lime" soda tastes like lemon-lime. Lemon sodas taste like lemons, and lime sodas taste like limes, so this makes no sense. I think I need to go buy a bottle of lemon soda and a bottle of lime soda and mix them, to see what real lemon lime soda tastes like.

It's hard to take a picture of yourself when your eyes are closed.

Look at me mull the taste, a real connisseur.

Bubble Up tastes like a good version of Sprite, less sweet and more carbonatey. Or maybe it tastes like a good version of 7-Up, more sweet and less carbonatey.

I just realized something about "lemon lime" sodas - the taste goes away. It doesn't linger, there's no aftertaste. Poof. It's gone. With the last bubble goes the flavor. Maybe there's a bit of taste left, but I have to smack my lips and grimace to tease it out.

Another thing about Sprite/7-Up/Sierra Mist type sodas, they give the most wicked burps. Burps that run up my nose and do donuts, burning so much my eyes water. It can't have anything to do with the carbonation, as no other carbonatey drinks are as bad.

Let's see if Bubble Up makes my eyes water...

Waiting. Waiting. Tried to make myself burp and almost threw up. Waiting. Okay, a burp. A gentle burp. Still more burn than a normal soft drink burp, but it came out the mouth and not the nose. It didn't wreak havoc.

Bubble Up is a gentle soda, a good soda. It feeds lambs in meadows and has butterflies land on its nose.

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