Friday, February 13, 2009

Day's Cola

Though you can't see it, there is a top to this bottle.
I swear it. I didn't just saw off the upper half and drink out of
the remainder like a giant plastic chalice with a very rough lip.

Day's Cola

I picked up a 2-liter of Day's Cola at a Russian bakery down off of Avenue Z. The bakery was amazing inside, almost everything there was lopsided and irregular, including the employees. There were beautiful cakes, big and small, in bright primary colors piled with icing, but all very imperfect. I loved it.

I'm not sure why Day's Cola was in this place. I think it was the only soft drink on sale, on a shelf with jam's and preserves. Day's is made in Springfield, Pennsylvania. Why oh why would it show up in a Russian bakery in Brooklyn? I can hardly imagine that this stuff is actually distributed here, as I've never even heard of it before. (edit: Their website says it IS distributed in NYC, and I have the distributors number so I can find some more of their products.) (edit edit: I lost the distributors number.)

So I took the bottle to a friend's home for a day of game playing. It didn't get cracked open till the very end, and it was surprisingly okay. It was refreshing to drink something from an unknown bottler and not have it be "champagne" flavored.

It's a weak cola, kind of like an RC cola cut fifty/fifty with regular Coke. Not very fizzy at all. Pretty unremarkable, but not bad. It lacks the harshness that I find in regular Coke, the burned taste is missing.

The bottle is nice, too. The entire name on the soda reads: Full Flavored Day's Cola, For the Best Since 1946. It also says "Beverages" on the label in a place that doesn't make any sense. Seriously, look at that. It's just a bunch of words that look like they belong on a bottle but don't make any sense.

No joke I can make can possibly improve on this.

The best part, though, is that next to "Large 2 Liter" it says "100% more than 1-Liter". That's hilarious, one of the best things I've ever read on a soda bottle. You can't tell me that the graphic design guy didn't put that on as a joke and the good natured boss decided to keep it. I like these people, I want to move to PA and be their friend.

There's a little confusion about the cap. Written in blue on the cap it says "CRO-PAC,. Worcester, Mass 01603 CT. LIC 251". I can only assume that this is information about the folks who made the cap, and a list of the route the cap took to get here. It started in Worcester, MA, was taken through Connecticut, and entered Long Island City. Ha.

I've been mulling this drink over for a while and decided to make it into a vanilla float. A few scoops of random ice cream and voila, a pretty bad float. The trouble is that the weak carbonation disappears in the vanilla foam. Normally a float takes harsh drinks like Coka and mellows them, this stuff just goes belly up. And then, horror of horrors...

Look at that, it's like separating blood plasma. It's absolutely vile looking, though it tastes fine. What the hell is happening with this stuff? It's like unwholesome magic, and has totally destroyed my interest in drinking Day's Cola.

Yum quickly churns to...

...yuck. It reminds me of something
I hid in my friend Brian's cabinet
in college.


  1. I hope that you keep the bottle - the wording is quite beguiling! I would also like to be their friend. Just as long as I don't have to drink the cola.

  2. Cro-PAC is where it is bottled, Crowley Packaging (aka Polar Beverages)