Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pepsi Natural, Journal Entry Four

Pepsi Natural, Journal Entry Four:

At my wit's end, I decide I have no recourse but to invoke a higher power fraught with forbidden knowledge.

I call the Pepsi company that serves New York City. They give me the names of two different distribution managers, one for Manhattan and one for Brooklyn. The Manhattan guy never seems to be in, the Brooklyn folks are very helpful. They give me names and addresses of two different stores that stock Pepsi Natural.

Ah. Pepsi Natural is the name of Pepsi Raw in the US.

One is a short bike ride from my apartment, the other a long slog. We'll see what a new day brings.

Another dream, I drew it out below. I think this one symbolizes my belief that I am hot on the trail of Pepsi Natural. Or that it will be Pepsi's hot new drink. This dream interpretation stuff is pretty easy.

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  1. What's the contact info for the Manhattan Distributor?

  2. I lit three blood red candles and thrice incanted the Curse of Vecna, but all I got was his minion Janetlothotep. She was less than useful, and later worked a Spell of Distracted Discarding which caused me to throw out all my contact notes.

    I think you need to go back to base Google and start from scratch. Good luck.