Friday, August 7, 2009

New 7-11 Gimmick

New 7-11 Gimmick

I don't know what they're selling me, but I doubt that they'd've done this if they'd realized how tacky it is to make something so similar to the "missing children" milk cartons.

Speaking of which, do they still have missing children pictures on milk cartons? When did milk companies stop caring about missing children?

I wrote them a letter that goes a little like this:

I love Slurpees and drink them all the time. However, I was a little uncomfortable with a recent promotion I saw on a Slurpee cup. It shows the profile of a Slurpee cup and says "I lost my Slurpee".

I'm not an old fogey, but man... Do you folks realize how similar this is to the old missing children on the milk cartons? It's sort of tacky.

I'll be writing about this on my soft drink review blog, and would love to hear your side of the story.

I do love Slurpees, though.

tim h


  1. You know how there's a lot of stupid people in the world, and there's a lot of stupid people in advertising? That's why.

  2. If they respond, could you ask them about the spelling of "Slurpee"?

    It is downright offensive.

  3. What the hell is offensive about the spelling of "Slurpee"? If you spelled it "Slurpy" you'd be impinging on a lot of people sharing an unfortunate nickname.

    Besides, I'd much rather be the "Slurpee" than the "Slurper".

  4. Nope. I even went and re-posted the article on the forums and couldn't get a mention. I suspect that someone realized this halfway through the promotion and is pretending it never happened.