Monday, August 10, 2009

President Lincoln Hated Fast Food...

...and they've banned it at the Lincoln Memorial. He'd written that in as a requirement in his will, or his estate wouldn't have payed to have it built. Considering his book proceeds alone, that estate is worth a fortune. And with the money he gets from letting his likeness by used on the five dollar bill...


  1. Just discovered that you made further entries to your Pepsi natural section. I finally got my hands on it on a trip to Burbank. Have to say that I find it horribly dissapointing. It's sort of the tea version of Pepsi. Throwback was wonderful, so naturally they only sold it for a couple of months. Turns out they weren't both the same thing. I think the apple extract in the "natural" was more than just coloring. That stuff tasted mildly apple-like to me.
    Want to try something really disgusting? Try some of that Red bull cola.

  2. dear tim

    recently your blog has often departed from being solely a soft drink review blog and has crossed into the less charted and broader waters of beverages in modern culture criticisms: discuss genre. Although there is nothing wrong with this i was wondering if you are drinking less soda or something. Please keep the reviews coming in.

    your pal,


  3. Dearest Wong,

    Please extend your noticing a bit further and see that I haven't even done an update in two months. While the soda is there, the will is not, what with it's being buried in an avalanche of despair.

    Perhaps I will review another soda soon.

    tim h