Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stealing Stuff at McDonalds

I commend whoever was able to get their act together enough to keep a McDonalds cup intact long enough to try and use it over two separate visits. I'll also salute whoever was cheeky enough to bring in their own cups to fill them at the station, and then tried to justify it by saying "But I was in here last week and bough at a soda, I thought it was all you can drink?"

I myself could never manage any of these things. Try as I might I could not keep a Taco Bell cup in sanitary shape long enough to use it twice. I'd stash it in my car in a safe place and by the same time the next day it was so full of dirt you could use it as a plant pot.

I wonder if I could score a free McDonalds meal by offering to fix the capitalization on their sign? Mind you, I don't eat at McDonalds very often, just when there aren't any other options. Or I'm in a foreign country, few things more awesome than a McDonalds full of funny talk and crazy items that should be in a Jack in the Box.


  1. There is a Jack In The Box in downtown Houston that is in such a scary part of town ( I was lost and was just too stupid to know better than to go in there)that homeless people come in off the street and fill up whatever cup/jar/bowl thay have strapped to their back with soda from the machines. The staff is apparently too afraid to say anything to them. I nearly fell over when I saw it happen.

  2. Pull it out the trash can on the way in.

  3. Yeah, taking cups out of the trash can is how my wife thinks I caught gonorrhea and syphilis, so that's off limits.