Saturday, December 20, 2008

Old Colony Uva

Lots of enticingly clad girls in roller skates,
and I photograph a stupid soda.

Old Colony UVA

Okay, what the hell is "UVA"? Context makes me guess that it means "grape" or "soda" in Spanish. But if it's Spanish, then why do we have a guy in a tricorn hat on the label? That's old timey English/American colonies crap. I prefer to think of it as an acronym for something science fictiony. The word "Colony" in a sci-fi context always sets my innards to an excited quivering. The worst possible things you can imagine happen on space colonies. The WORST.

Old Colony UVA is not the worst. It's actually pretty good. More popsicle than soda I think, though it is on the foamy end of the carbonation scale. I'd like to know exactly how all these different sorts of carbonation work. You have hard, burning carbonation and foamy, expanding carbonation, and probably a few other kinds but they elude me at the moment. Anyways, this is foamy carbonation, something of which I am normally not a fan.

I don't hold it against O.C.U.V.A., in fact, it helps it out. Somehow makes it sweeter. Refreshing. Nothing nasty about nuthin' in there.

I drank the stuff at a roller derby match. The NYC teams were playing against two visiting teams, one from Canada and the other from I don't know where. I had unknowingly worn the Canadian teams colors, pink and green, and must have seemed a long time fan what with my determined under-dog cheering. One of the Canadians even pointed at me and waved. Anyways, thats why you can see derby stuff in the background, though nothing exciting. (I finally broke down and called my derby pal who told me that the Canadian team was "The New Skids on the Block" from Montreal, a particularly offensive and silly name. They had a lime green and pink flash dance thing, which was sort of funny, though. The Canadians lost after a strong start.)

Drinking something at a derby match doesn't add much to the drink, but it did mean I was with my pal Dino. Dino thought the UVA tasted like Big League Chew, which is not unreasonable. Big League Chew was a favorite gum of mine as a kid, though I preferred the regular pink flavor.

Anyways, the UVA drink isn't as cool as it sounds but it isn't bad at all. Especially for a Dr. Pepper/7up product.


  1. you are so correct. NOTHING good ever happens at a space colony. (this is LJ who is freakin unable to make a comment easily)

  2. I'd never thought you unable to make comments easily. I know asides, insinuations, and wisecracks flow out of you like water.

  3. This drink makes a brief appearance in the "King Corn" documentary about American food. In it this guy claims he drank "At least two liters a day" of it when he used to weigh 300 lbs.

  4. ^^lol, that's how I found this page. I started hunting after watching that movie. I gotta try it!

  5. UVA is a vintage grape soda pop I first tasted in 1968 as a young kid in the Philippines and it came either in a bottle or out of a Vendo machine cup. You had it concentrated or carbonated and it was rather raspy to the throat. Miss that thing from the good ol' USA

  6. It's actually a product of Puerto Rico. And to this day, I wonder if it's still circulating because I terribly miss it. It's straight up bangin'!

  7. Thank you for the correction.

    I have no recollection where I bought this, somewhere in NYC. Alas.

  8. Every bodega in nyc has this soda

  9. Old Colony is a drink from Puerto Rico... the last remaining colony of the Caribbean, a territory belonging to the US. (the reason for the name)

    Uva means LITERALLY grape in Spanish, its the name of the fruit... is a grape flavored soda.

  10. The piña/pineapple one is really good.

  11. The tricorner hat or "sombrero de tres picos" was used by the Spanish as well; it's even used to this day in Spain by la guardia civil.

    1. Bah! You and your "facts" polluting up my out of date blog!

      (Thanks, I didn't know that the hat had such a presence in Spanish culture.)