Friday, September 12, 2008

Moxie Cherry Coke

Moxie Cherry Coke

Let's see, that's Conspiracy, Survive,
The Masks of Nyarlothotep, and maybe Roborally
there on the shelves behind me.

Hey, this is really good!

Oh God, it gave me a stroke...

Moxie Cherry Cola

Since 1884

Moxie is one of the granddaddies of soda making, having foisted their regular Moxie drink on a naive public which knew no better. During the Sugared Beverage Wars in the 1920s, Moxie suffered badly and was driven back into their last redoubt in the state of Maine. There they lurk to this day, plotting and dreaming of the day that they will release their bug-eyed mascot upon a lazing Earth, burning and destroying until no work of Man remains whole.

The cherry cola, though,is entirely unlike their flagship drink, this is straight up cherry cola.

It's fizzy, but not too much so. It has a carbonated bite, but not one strong enough to drown out the taste. The actual flavor is pretty nice, it hovers at a point somewhere between Coca Cola and King Cola. Burps up pleasantly, too.

This is good stuff. I'd drink it regularly if I could. As a rule, I hate cherry colas straight out of the bottle but love a real "cherry coke". The chemical cherry taste never works for me, I prefer to add sugarless Torani Black Cherry Syrup myself. Sometimes I'll pour in maraschino cherry syrup in I'm really hurting for a cherry coke, but that's the rough equivalent of an alcoholic drinking vanilla extract.

I admire the plain red cap.

Edit: I am sorely disappointed to find the bug eyed fuzz monster thing gone from Moxie advertising. The serious looking man gives the label a 1950s charm, but the fuzzy monster thing really embodied the bug-eyed charm of the soda itself.

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