Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plantation Style Mint Julep, Natrona Bottling Company

It makes me uncomfortable just having this stuff in the house.

Wife, drink this.

This stuff is "Plantation Style". I'm not quite sure what that means, but I locked up my overseers whip just in case I got out of hand after a few swigs. Can't be too careful. I can't imagine buying this in the store, either. I'd have to have it delivered to my house in plain brown packaging.

Now, I'll admit I've never been on a plantation, but I think it takes more to evoke the atmosphere than: Carbonated water, Sugar, Flavor, Citric Acid and Color. That's a pretty funny ingredients list. "Flavor" and "Color" don't really belong there, they aren't specific enough. It might as well say "Ingredients: Flavor, Color, Wet". Seriously folks, we need more information.

And I've got to say that whatever they use for "Flavor" doesn't quite do it, and maybe it hasn't yet earned that coveted title. It tastes like weak 7-Up drank right after I brushed my teeth.

I'm not really pro-Disney, but one thing they do right are Mint Juleps. My good friends Brian and Becky took me to the Disney place in Los Angeles and bought me a mint julep drink there, it was incredible. I was so happy with it that they bought one of the big bottles of the syrup and sent it to me as a gift. Sadly I didn't know it was syrup and took a big swig directly out of the bottle, I almost died. I staggered around holding my throat, gagging, but still marveling at how delicious the stuff was.

That was good, gagging aside. This stuff isn't so good, it's too weak. My wife likes it, though, which means I'm wrong. It's delicious.

Anyone whose ever played the game Puerto Rico
knows why I'm showing this image. "Colonists" my eye.


  1. How sad that it wasn't so good. Just the title of that post had my mouth watering. Its a shame Rebecca does not work for Disney any more. Paying to get into Disneyland makes for a far less enjoyable time. If we had us some free tickets I swear we would have jetted down there this weekend just for the Mint Julep.

  2. Looking around I see non-alchoholic Mint Julep recipes that claim to taste the Disney version. for one.

    Come to NYC and I'll make up a batch. And a mint whip cream cake.