Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sidra Mundet

Sidral Mundet

Points for the classy relief of the soda's name on the bottle surface.

I think I need to use a Sharpie on my beard,
you can barely see it.

It's kind of like getting a handjob from a relative,
horrifying but not so much that you'll put a stop to it.

An apple flavored soda which failed to impress excepting that it was apple flavored. Why aren't there more apple flavored sodas, eh? What about apples doesn't lend itself to the soda realm? I guess there are a whole range of fruit flavors I haven't seen as a soda: watermelons, tomatoes, blueberries, etc. I'd be all over a blueberry soda.

Sidral Mundet had a vague Jolly Rancher apple taste, without the nauseating candy tartness. All the same, I wasn't very excited by the stuff. However, I finished the bottle, which is more than I've managed to do in quite a while.

But apples. I dunno. What about "apples" makes the soda the color it is? That doesn't make any sense. Apple juice is a rich Piss Christ yellow, only the peels are red. And this stuff isn't red, it's reddish pink. Is it mostly peel? That would be very thrifty of the manufacturer. I commend them for apple peel flavored soda. When my wife eats an apple, or makes wifely apple pie, she sometimes peels the skin off and then gets annoyed when I eat it. The skin is the best part.

Also in Sidral Mundets favor: No apple farts.

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