Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bahamas V: Jamaican Ting

Who the Hell Goes to the Bahamas? Part Five

By this point in the trip,
even the palms of my hands were sun-burned.

Ting by Ting, bottled in Jamaica
I bought a bottle of Ting at the same time I bought the other Bahamian sodas I tried out. I hoped to slip it by my wife, but I failed. She instantly detected that I had put a bottle in the basket which we already had in New York. "But honey," pleads I, "but honey, I gots to try it. We're closer to Jamaica so it'll taste different."

Now this is before I had tried both the Jamaican and Canadian versions of Ting Old Jamaican Ginger Beer, which was drastically different between bottlers. So this part one of the two Tings:

It is seriously, seriously grapefruity. I didn't bother to read the label, but dug right in - it was like a kick in the roof of my mouth. A kick, by necessity, expertly aimed by someone with a very small foot. The stuff is described on the bottle as a "carbonated beverage from grapefruit concentrate". They have their version of that sentence all in caps, but I didn't want to shout so I made it lower case.

Anyways, it was powerfully grapefruit. So over the top, I almost couldn't place it at first, thinking that it was lemon. I thought it too sour, my wife thought it salty. Regardless, it had a strong tin-can aftertaste which I associate with made-from-frozen-concentrate orange juice.

Speaking of made from concentrate stuff in the home, is it more environmentally friendly? Sure, it has to be refrigerated, but might that be offset by the amount of energy used to ship an unconcentrated amount of liquid, and the plastic in the container? I hope not, because I hate the stuff.

6% juice, 94% don't worry be happy.


  1. but did you like it?

    i used to drink ting at duff's in stl. good stuff, but i don't know where they got their ting...

  2. I never said it but, I thought it unremarkable. The Ting Ginger Beer from Canada was much, much more exciting.

    I'd like to compare Ting and Squirt, back to back.