Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dr. Browns Black Cherry Soda

Dr. Brown's Original Black Cherry Soda

It's so good that there isn't much to say about it.

I used to drink this stuff regularly, for months and months it was my drink of choice. It had an inconsistency in the taste, though, due to the "sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup" listed on the label. It would run the gamut between too sweet goodness and burney corn nasty, a fickle drink I never learned to put my trust in.

Untrustworthy, but good. Always good, even when it's bad. The cherry taste is strooooong, it means business. It hops around in the mouth with a little pair of cherry boxing gloves, doing its best to make you know who's boss. The question is whether it's going to leave a little burned corn turd aftertaste.

One new thing about this drink, or at least this bottle, is the little black banner bearing the motto "Cherry With Other Natural Flavors". It says the same thing in the ingredient list. I wonder what happened? They reworked the recipe and must bear the red letters around their neck, proclaiming the difference? Or were they deceiving us all along, and only recently unmasked as cherry charlatans?

The trouble with delicious sodas is that they do not move me to write in an entertaining way. You can fuck a soft drink up so many amazingly diverse ways, but to make a unique good one is difficult. They all tend to move towards a certain set of "good" descriptors. Boring.

Dr. Brown's Dark Red Cherry is much better than the Dr. Brown's Cream Soda. Head and shoulders better. The cream is amateur hour compared to the cherry, it might as bear a "Vess" tag. A recommended soda commonly available in the refrigerator aisle.


  1. Have you ever tried Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Tonic (I think it is tonic) - a staple of NY delis...It is kind of weird, as I recall (some of my older relatives liked it).

    I really like your blog. There's a lot to say about soda! I was really into chocolate No-Cal as a 60s kid. That was good stuff.

  2. I've tried the Cel-Ray before, never was a great fan. Haven't found any since starting up this blog, though. It used to be everywhere, all the time, now I hardly see the stuff.

    And I've never heard of No-Cal, being a 70s kid. If I find it, I will drink it.

  3. Not having regularly drunk this in years, I was devastated to taste a bottle today, and realize that they've Dr. Brown's has changed the recipe of their Black Cherry Soda. RIP ...