Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Ones That Got Away

The Trip to Michigan, The Epilogue

Phredd took this picture. Hey Phredd, next time
a little less Sunkist and a little more mystery Faygo.

This was taken by me with an iPhone, standing very, very still.
iPhones don't have flashes and don't do well in dim light.

Look at all those exciting drinks. It's a veritable treasure trove of knock-off sodas and mysterious new flavors. Some are obvious, Ohana Punch is must the same as Tropical Punch. I can see a Faygo Lemon-Lime. In the bottom photo, that red bottle on the upper right looks to be called "Fuck Rub". I want some of that. What sort of mysterious beast is Faygo 60/40? And look at the bottom right, Faygo RedPop. Are they making a knock-off of Big Red? My Lord, that's like making a Mr. Belvedere rip-off.

One day I will return, and I will rent a motel room and buy all these sodas. I will put on a diaper, so I don't have to get up, and then I will drink them all. Every one. One day. Unless the diabetes gets me first. Then I'll just drink the diet versions.


  1. I've always been a big fan of RC Cola. I think it's a highly underrated beverage. BTW...what's up with the frown on humor blogs?! I'm guessing that was an accident.

  2. I haven't had RC in so long that I can't remember the taste, except that I wasn't that keen on it. It was what a small town diner might slip you instead of Coke. Again, not that it was bad but it was always associated with the aggravation I felt at the old waitperson not appreciating the difference between Coke and RC.

    As for the humor rating thing, it must've been an accident. I was looking at the site on my "iPhone" and might've misclicked? I looked around and couldn't find any tally of votes I'd made, does that exist somewhereabouts?

  3. Red Pop used to be a staple at my house. It had all the caffeine kick of Mountain Dew and tasted more like a cream soda. And it probably has a dumptruck load of Red Dye No. 5 in each litre.

  4. So your saying that Red Pop is like a TARDIS for red dye. Fascinating.

  5. Looks like the grocery store i just went to tonight, yep that is Michigan

  6. 60/40 used to be called "frosh"-it's Squirt.
    Top Right is "Rock & Rye"-Cream Cola. Amazing, better with sugar in the old-timey labeled glass jars.
    Redpop=strawberry soda.
    No longer in production(for now), but amazing-
    Arctic Sun(i think it was cherry-grape)
    Blue Moon Mist(the blue bomb-pop soda)(also infamous for turning your urine blue if you consumed too much)
    Jazzin Blue's Berry-blueberry
    and their extensive line of awesome diet flavors-chocolate cream, key lime.
    Pineapple Orange was pretty good too.
    Still in production and probably the best-Peach.

    If you have Shasta in New York, it's the same as Faygo.

  7. Faygo has officially released Blue Moon mist and Arctic Sun