Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boylans Ginger Ale

Boylan Ginger Ale

Dark places for dark deeds.

For the life of me, I can't find the name of the pizza restaurant near the intersection of Avenue A and 8th Street. East side of A, middle of the block, a nicer pizza restaurant that looks like a regular old shop. Help me here, folks. Edit: This place, the generically named "Pizza Shop".

Anyways, my pal Dino and I wound up at this restaurant some time ago. We'd just left a Gotham Girls rollerderby game and had set out for the lower East Side on a lark, looking for food. After a bit of random walking, Dino realized we were near one of the Gotham sponsors - the pizza place above.

Dino was feeling magnanimous, having won a bunch of gift certificates and a gift basket of Bacon Salt while at the game. He treated me to a slice at this unknown but noble pizza restaurant, a very good slice of "buffalo wing" flavored pizza. I bought a Boylan's Ginger Ale with my own money, fearing that Dino might take liberties if allowed to pay for the whole meal.

I did not buy the Boylan's intending to write a review, but as a servant of the public good I feel the necessity of writing thrust upon me. Boylan Ginger Ale was a terrible disappointment, all angry fizz and nothing else. It boasts "with Pure Cane Sugar" on the front, an easy boast to make if you hardly sweeten your product at all. Not really any ginger taste either, this was more like 7-Up from a fountain dispenser in which the syrup was running low.

I vaguely remember enjoying other Boylan products, but I sure as heck didn't like this one. While not as bad as Vernor's, it's actually worse than Reed's, and doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Ting's Ginger Beer or the much sung Bundaberg. Whoops.

The pizza received twenty lashes with the cat, for being so delicious.


  1. Hi Tim,

    This is a great blog, and a great public service. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll.
    The people need to know!

  2. I'm proud to be listed on any tattoo blog that has a "poorly executed" category. That rocks. I really enjoy poorly done drawings, and that they're tattoos makes it all the sweeter.

    Your scary stories scare me, though.


  3. You seem to be a bit confused between Ginger Ales and Ginger Beers. Ales tender to be much lighter in ginger flavour than beers, and less sweet. As well as being a crisp, refreshing summer drink on their own, the subtle flavours of ales make them an ideal mixer for spirits such as scotch whisky and gin.

    I am personally a big fan of Boylan's Ginger Ale.

  4. totally disagree, it's a good ginger ale NOT ginger beer which is what you seem to be after

  5. Eehhhh, I'm not so sure. No ginger ale would be good if it's as over carbonated as this one was. If I remember rightly, it was like drinking soda water with extra soda.